St. Peter's and the Community

St. Peter’s supports the West Elgin Daffodil Auxiliary in their outreach, particularly in the area of food donations. Members of St. Peter’s bring non-perishable goods to the church on a regular basis, and they are delivered each month to the Auxiliary office in Dutton. For Christmas 2016, two of our youngest members donated $200 of their savings and challenged each church member to do the same--resulting in a truckload of food and other donations to the community ! The Auxiliary is also the recipient of larger donations,  through the proceeds from annual music nights. Our most recent music night featured Elvis playing to a packed house and allowed us to donate $2300 to the Daffodil Auxiliary. 

Each year during Lent we raise funds to donate to the Effect:Hope, the Leprosy Mission of Canada.   Over the past 3 years the funds have supported early detection and treatment for 10 people afflicted with this disease. 

St. Peter’s strives to provide service and outreach to other causes both in the local community and in a larger area, including Sleeping Children Around the World and the Huron Hunger Fund.

St. Peter’s is part of the larger faith community in the West Elgin area, collaborating with other churches in outreach and service. Good Friday interdenominational services, vacation bible school, advent and Lenten services.

Children’s Ministry

Children's Story TimeSt. Peter’s believes in involving children from the youngest ages in the life of the church. Through stories, play, song, and crafts, children are introduced to the stories of the Bible. During part of Sunday morning services, children’s ministry takes place in the church basement. Young people play an active role in worship, from ringing the bell to signal the beginning of worship to assisting with collection.